My name is Syed Zain Mehdi and I am a graduate student at Korea University FullSizeRenderof Technology and Education   pursuing MS in Mechanical Engineering at Bio Robotics Lab. My research areas include Simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), Proprioceptive error in Teleoperation,Haptics and Redundant manipulators. As part of my masters thesis I am currently pursuing my research in vision techniques for introducing local autonomy in controlling Vine robot which includes a collaboration with Stanford as part of a large scale joint research in Search and Rescue Robots. Get in touch if you are interested in my work and want to collaborate. I am always happy to meet people with different ideas and keen interest in robotics.

Links and Contatcs

Linkedin profile here. Resume here
You can find me at Engineering Building 1, Room D214, Korea University of Technology and Education
Email:  zainmehdi at koreatech.ac.kr. I am more than willing to help if you seek any guidance. Kindly remember that I may not reply in a timely fashion but surely you will get a response.


** I havnt been able to update my website due to hectic work schedule. There is lot more to be added here. If you want any information regarding my work or need suggestion/help , directly contact me via email. I would be happy to help. Until then stay tuned. Lots of good stuff to be added soon 🙂